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This Sunday 8/18/13 on HOT 97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers

INCARCERATION NATION: Are you being programmed for prison?

We're talking about several prison-related issues: the glamorizing of prison culture, prison overcrowding, Attorney General Eric Holder's new plan to reduce penalties for certain drug crimes, and rehabilitation vs. returning to crime.

We're looking for the following guests:

1) Someone who was convicted of a crime as a teen or young adult and can tell us what effect it had on their life.

2) A criminal justice professor who can give us the big picture about incarceration, and who is most affected..

3) Someone who has come home after doing time and has turned their life around.

4) A counselor who can tell us what jobs people with criminal records are eligible for. We need someone here who can offer concrete, real advice to those in this situation.

5) A criminal defense attorney or former prosecutor who can talk about what he or she sees happening with sentencing.

We will be broadcasting LIVE and taking phone calls... This Sunday 8/18/2013 @ Hot 97FM Studios in NYC. If you fit the description and would like to come on the show, or would like to recommend someone for the topic, please reach out to me ASAP via EMAIL: and I will send you more details. And TUNE into Hot 97 Street Soldiers Every Sunday 9am - 10am or call us LIVE 1.800.223.9797

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  1. KareemT_3540 posted on 09/25/2013 08:10 PM
    Date 9-22-2013
    Time 9:43 am
    Reason: you need to know this
    feelings: lost
    mood: good
    song: locked up
    artist: akon
    finish : 2:45 pm

    How are you doing Lisa? my name is Kareem Thomas im from Jersey City im a federal inmate on a payroll violation im doing 24 months my inmate numbers are 30180050 and i will be in Otisville federal prison in NY if you need to get in touch with my I'm sending you this email because i heard on the radio station something about is not Jay'z fault that people is locked up so what i think ya'll was talking about why people is locked up and whose fault it is that people is locked up. Well you can blame the government for not making drugs legal so the crime can go down also you can blame the white men for putting black people throw slavery cause that's a big part that why our people is in and out of jail and still lost to this day I'm not racist and i don't have nothing against the white men or woman , now you can blame the rappers because they make millions and billions of dollars from the people and some of them are so successful that they can say hahaha in a beat and sell it to a million people.
    I don't knock them and I still listen to rap music but how can you spend 700 million dollars and have people out there that make good music that's in and out of prison been throw a way rougher life then them wont give them a chance to show their talent to the world; is nothing for a successful rapper to invest 15 million dollars on new talent and with that reason right there i can say that the rappers are to blame because they made music and talk about lifestyles that people copy and try to be like and don't give them a chance to show their talent.for whatever reason I don't know how somebody on your show was talking about the guilty people that kill people, yes is wrong to kill people and for that you should go to jail , but then you got the president that kill people for oil and go to war for whatever reason and kill people and they're not in jail. You had one guy on your show talking about he did a lot of time I think it was more than 20 years and i forgot his name but from what i heard him say he aint learn shit he still worries about his street credibility when he should be telling the people all the goods and bads about prison so people can change their life and don't follow his footsteps .
    Now i heard someone talking about sports i think he says something about everybody wanting to be like Lebron or Coby, that's not the only thing you could do , but what he didn't say is that sports is an escape for kids, its recreation, its fun, its bonding, its brotherhood, and helps you build a friendship and if you are any type of good and work hard you can do something you enjoy and love doing and make a career out of it, so yea you don't wanna be like Lebron or Coby you want to be better than Lebron , better than Coby they just the people right now to give you that push to dream big . This lady was just talking about her child that passed away. Can you let her know that everybody dies , god takes at any time I know its hard to loose your child but just let her know that the younger that child was when god came for him the better chances that god will put him in heaven. Now what she needs to do is pray find out the truth worship god to the best of her understanding and ask god to reunite her with her child again.
    Now let me get back to this jail talk because the people you had on your show was in the way they said nothing that made me want to big them up. ok honestly in my life i came up over NAS and BIG and they was not to blame for me coming to jail who was to blame was my father for not providing for me , for introducing my mother to crack cocaine at the age of 14 , at the ages of 4 years old I had to hustle and jail was not in my plan and I don't blame my mom cause it wasn't her fault I never seen a picture of myself as a kid I had to work hard for everything I have in this crooked world at the age of 5 I was able to do some type of work to take care of my mom and her habit and my brother and two sisters. School was something i wasted my time with at the age of 5 I could have had a legit job selling newspapers, mopping floors, bagging groceries, cleaning toilets to take care of my family now the government rather have me in school not knowing what I'm going throw i had to take care of two sisters and one brother and go to school when i could have skipped school and worked and take care of my brother and sisters and my mom so its not the rappers fault. Why they wanna say its the rappers for?
    because what they say in their songs about selling drugs or shooting people?
    Rappers give people hope and a way of life one of the guys on your show said its only entertainment yes some rappers is entertainers and some rappers say people life story if you don't have nothing rappers show you ways t get by. Now it got real bad when biggy and Pac started the beef if people wasn't so greedy the hip hop culture would be a whole lot better there was no way shug night was supposed to be the one to put the money up for PAC, biggy should have did it if it was every dollar he had and everything would be different now and so better for us.
    Now as a man you should provide for your family and if your child goes to jail its your fault for not spending time with your child , for not showing him right from wrong. Now jail is not a bad place because its good and its bad being in jail, the reason why i say its good and bad for being in jail is when i was 14 I went to DFY TRYON NEW YORK far from home and when i got there i learned so much that i didn't mind being there and going back was a worry that i never had and why i say that is cause i learned how to wash my clothes how to wash my body. I learned how to discipline myself ,I learned how to wake up and be on time for places, because people defended on me, I learned how to spend money properly, I learned how to swim. I learned how to deal with all types of different people.
    I also helped a lot of people now from 5 to 14 I had whatever i wanted.
    I couldn't get a job so I did things that would put me in jail I blame nobody for my mistakes but myself and my father . I had the support of my grandfather Luther Thomas who has eight kids and worked hard all his life he did the best he can do to make me a better man and everything i know its because of him . Love you granddad.
    He took me in at 7 I'm his first grandson and i cause him more pain then all my uncles. He still supports me to this day some people need jail my grandfather never gave up on me I was in jail for holding down a block and protecting people that don't give a fuck about me. He was the one sending money to make sure i was ok now the question you need to know is whose fault it is for people that go to jail, for people in Jersey City from a block called Gifford under the age of 33 that went to jail its my fault and everybody that died on the block was gods will . Now if you rap and your fat you should want to be better than big, if you rap and your from Brooklyn you should want to be better than Jay and if you go to jail and come out you should want to be better than PAC if you Boricua you should want to be better than PUN and if you had any type of knowledge you should want to be better than NAS and if you trap you should want to be better than dblock , and if you hardcore you should want to be better than BEANS. And if you sing you should want to be better than Michael Jackson , if you dance you should want to be better than Chris Brown everything else falls under them and if you from the West you should want to better than Snoop. Now listening to Jay-z and he tell you to do wrong in his rap and you do it you deserve to be locked up specially if you have family that provide for you. I never hard nothing that jay-z said that make me want to go to jail only thing heard Jay-z said was how he can help you come from small time to underboss and jayz is greedy but is still not his fault that people is locked up he's one of the greatest that did it but to say he's the the greatest negative and he need to give it up and let new artists take over the roc is like blue magic with that stamp I could sell a million copies so what he need to do is find the next young Jay-z couch him and give Beyonce a baby after a baby after a baby un he cant do it no more because he already a legend. wu-buster- just a few i came up listening to that need to find the next them , all great artists, now this Kendrick Lamar guy he's bugging with this king talk now if he says he's the king of Cali or West Coast cool I could go for that but you got a whole lot of guys in New York that will smash him in rap.
    He's good but he aint no Big he aint no PUN. 2chains is old as hell but he has the swag of a nineteen year old I don't know what he be saying but its working for him now for the lawyer that you had on your show he said nothing about how much people need to pay a lawyer to get out of jail or get less time he gave no type of good info what I would have loved to hear was him say if you did something to put yourself in jail ask god for forgiveness if you have money 10.000 would get you probation for drugs under 28 grams , the more drugs you get caught with the more money you need to pay. and its not mandatory your going to get probation but you should pay for your time if you have the money. A murder, $80.000 will get you 7 or less years I would have also love to hear him say I'm not telling you to break the law but if you do you should do the time and if you got money you should pay for what you can handle , learn what you can while you in there I would have also loved to hear him talk about the benefits of being a lawyer the good , the bad, why he chose that job who case for free he took and maybe he didn't get them out of jail but they work all their life , they committed a crime they didn't had the money to pay a lawyer, and he got them something they can handle . He was not for the people so him talking about who's fault it is I wasn't into that. I also heard you say something about the rappers that is locked up Fat Joe, Remy, and Westley, for fat Joe i don't feel bad about him going to jail because i don't hear nothing about PUNS family being taking care of , I mean he's not going to have any problems in jail but for the way he treat PUN's wife or PUNs baby mother he should be in jail two or three years even though he played his taxes PUN's family should be set for life as long as he make money his family should make money.
    I don't care if PUN only made 100.000 dollars his whole career if i have millions and I'm successful and my artist dies specially one of my greatest Puerto Rican rappers of all time every million I make I will give his family 200.000 of it RIP Pun 4x versage somebody stopped me.
    REMY all I can say about her is whatever she did to go to jail she didn't have to do , she's strong and something good came out of it because now she's married and don't have to sing another rap song again i hope she comes out and start a family and I don't think she should RAP again I think she should ghost right for whoever she did when she wrote lean back stay on the low . her husband can hold down the rap game she's a legend and now is time to be a mother and a wife to get husband so if she's coming home with any type of comeback im not beat for it. I also think she should only ghost right for TS artists man or woman cause she got talent and some of the money she make should go to PUN family her being the first lady will make PUNS wife appreciate what she can do for her case I don't think Fat Joe is holding it down and for Wesley only thing i can say about him is he did gmoney dirty so i think you have enough information to do a part two, now I've sent you this throw a friend email but you can add on a request I sent directly from Kareem Thomas . If you have any questions or need to know anything or like my thought. Email me and as soon as my grandfather send me money i will answer you. I hope this helped you out . Have a nice day and thanks for taking the time to read.
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