This Sunday, 11/03/13 on HOT 97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, we're talking about


We're talking about recent alleged incidents where 4 African-Americans (including an HBO star) in separate situations say their shopping experience ended with an encounter with police. They were told credit card fraud was suspected but their cards were valid. Now the NYPD is investigating. But what message does this send to young Black Americans? If you work hard, and have money to buy what you want, you don't expect to end up in handcuffs. What about the psychological impact?

Police Commissioner Kelly says the NYPD makes thousands of fake credit card arrests every year, and that should be kept in perspective...but what about when it happens to you?

We're discussing all aspects of this developing issue as only we can.

We're looking for the following guests:

1) A male and a female who believe they have been racially profiled while shopping and stopped by police outside the store...

2) Law enforcement or loss prevention specialist who can tell us what is going on with the explosion of shop lifting, and what sales people and security guards are told to watch out for....

3) A law professor or attorney who can talk about the legalities of this practice and when it violates someone's rights.

4) Anyone who went to spend money and left a high end store because of the way they were treated.

5) A community leader, writer or activist who says this is an example of stereotyping of Blacks as criminals, and that it is demoralizing to those who want to abide by the law.

6) A former shoplifter who can tell us the tricks of the trade, and give us their take on this. (This person can phone in if they prefer.)

We will be broadcasting LIVE and taking phone calls... This Sunday 11/03/2013 @ Hot 97FM Studios in NYC. If you fit the description and would like to come on the show, or would like to recommend someone for the topic, please reach out to me ASAP via EMAIL: and I will send you more details. And TUNE into Hot 97 Street Soldiers Every Sunday 9am - 10am or call us LIVE 1.800.223.9797