Are they the key to improving life for our kids and our communities?

Sunday 6/16/13 On HOT 97 Street Soldiers With Lisa Evers:

"YOUNG FATHERS, GOOD FATHERS: Are they the key to improving life for our kids and our communities?"

This Sunday June 16th on HOT 97 Street Soldiers with Lisa Evers, we salute all Fathers who are taking an active role in raising their children.

We'll talk about how to be a good father even when you have a tense relationship with the child's mother, whether you can be effective when you can't be physically present (working in another city, military service, incarceration, etc.) and the qualities that all good fathers share.

We're looking for the following guests:

1) A SOCIAL COMMENTATOR OR CRITIC - To talk about the growing movement for fathers to be involved in their children's lives at all levels.

2) A TEEN DAD OR DAD IN HIS TWENTIES - who can talk about how his life changed when he became a father, and what he had to do to adapt.

3) A COUNSELOR WITH A FATHERHOOD PROGRAM - who can give us ideas about how men can become better fathers.

4) AN ABSENTEE FATHER AKA "A DEADBEAT DAD" - who's been out of touch with his child and now years later wants to know how to connect.

5) A SPIRITUAL LEADER - with strong views about the impact responsible fathers have.

6) A MAN OR WOMAN WHO GREW UP WITHOUT A FATHER - then reconciled with them later in life and can share with us what they went through.

We will be broadcasting LIVE and taking phone calls... This Sunday 6/16/2013 @ Hot 97FM Studios in NYC.

If you fit the description and would like to come on the show, or would like to recommend someone for the topic, please reach out to me ASAP via EMAIL: and I will send you more details. And TUNE into Hot 97 Street Soldiers Every Sunday 9am - 10am or call us LIVE 1.800.223.9797