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Rappers still use it, you hear it on the streets, but now Oprah says she cannot be friends with anyone-regardless of their color-who uses the N-word. This comes after her "Color Purple" co-star, Rae Dawn Chong said in a radio interview that years ago Oprah would have been a field n - - - -.

We've seen Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver RIley Cooper get in hot water for using it at a country music concert...and we know what happened to Paula Deen. She lost her TV cooking show and millions of dollars in endorsement contracts.

Is it still okay to use the N-word as a hip hop term of endearment or is this just giving the green light to racists to say it openly? Is the common use of the N-word reinforcing negative stereotypes and showing an ignorance of history? Or is it now something different and empowered?

We're looking for the following guests:

1) An African-American studies professor who can school us on the history of this word in its variations.

2) A Hip Hop writer who can talk about how artists use it, and give us specific references.

3) A civil rights advocate who feels the common use of the word is harming the community.

4) Someone from one of our neighborhoods who can talk about how it's used on the streets.

5) A commentator with a strong opinion on the use of the N-word.

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