Neyo Talks R.E.D. Album + Compound Foundation Donating $25,000 To Sandy Victims On The Angie Martinez Show [VIDEO]

Neyo hit up the Angie Martinez Show yesterday to promote his new album 'R.E.D.'.  The project reflects on Neyo's many successes in his career where he wears both the artist and producer hats very well. 'Realizing Every Dream' is Neyo's fifth studio album so it makes sense that the title showcases his many accolades along his musical journey.  Speaking of journeys, we all had to do extra footwork to vote in this election.  Many were affected by Superstorm Sandy and Neyo was one of them.  He voted early but because of the storm, his ballot didnt get in on time.  So, like the dedicated voter he is, Neyo took a trip from New York to Georgia (where he's registered) on his album release day just to cast his vote, THEN he took a flight back to NYC.  That's dedication! And to help others affected by Sandy, Neyo's Compound Foundation is giving $25,000 to the Red Cross. Way to go Neyo!  Check out the interview below.