T.I. Spazzes After Allegations of Snitching "I Walked The Compound Both My Bids" + Addresses Gun Control [VIDEO]

With all that is happening in the nation in regards to gun violence, the issue of gun control seems to be at the focal point of not only politics but popular culture as well.  Video games depicting gun violence, rappers that glorify guns and murder  and not to mention the many arrests of felons in possesion of fire arms.  T.I. is all too familiar with these topics having been arrested for possession of a fire arm and serving time because of it.  Here, he explains his stance on gun control and why he believes folks should meet a higher criteria to get a gun license.  In a more spirited portion of the conversation, T.I. goes off on people claiming that he snitched on someone.  We all know Clifford J. Harris is from the streets.  He knows the G-Code in and out and here he outlines his "paperwork party" and how he was able to stay in general population for both his bids-he didn't do it by snitching.  Watch the video.