Juelz Tells Angie Martinez Why He Got Back In The Game "I Was Wasting A Lot Of Time I Couldn't Get Back" [VIDEO]

Juelz is making his way back to his rightful spot amongst MCs in the game.  The last time we heard from him was "What The Game's Been Missing" which dropped way back in 2005.  Think back to what you were doing in 2005.  Now think back to who you were listening to.  It was probably Jeezy, Jay, Wayne, Yeezy and Juelz! Yeah, he was right up there and when he went on his seven year hiatus that album title became reality! Needless to say, we're happy Juelz is seriously back in the booth.  The new mixtape is something like an album and we can definitely see Juelz riding this wave right into an official album.  If you're wondering what the hold up was, Santana had a lot going on in his life.  His studio got raided by the feds, just before that his boy died in that same studio and he and girlfriend Kimbella had just had another kid.  But now he's back on his feet and back in the game. Check out his interview with Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff and be sure to get your copy of "God Will'n"-out now!