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Drake Tour at Barclays
All Photos by: Karl Ferguson

Females came in droves to see the light skin Keith Sweat do his thing at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY. Women of all ages came to bask in the 'I Miss You' text message glory and 31 missed calls from ex-boyfriend ambiance.

 But first, the very 'Honest' Future graced the stage. His Job was by far the hardest, not only did concert attendees arrive on "Hip-Hop" time" (Late as hell) but this was a crowd that was more than ready to see the Toronto representer. That’s when the ATLien brought his "Turn Up" antics and performed hits he was featured on and his very own master pieces. Keeping it very simple to say the least for his set design, the 'Bugatti' enthusiast was content with a very humble DJ table and a mic stand. Future was the perfect jump starter for this concert. "Brooklyn you have been the hypest crowd this whole tour" future said when concluding his show.


As he exited stage left, we got to enjoy the sweet melodies of "Thong Song", "Country Grammar" and who can forget "Get Jiggy Wit It" by Will Smith.

Females flaunted their "Girl! We going to see Drake" outfits during intermission, while men tried to get a head start on their "Cuffing Season" draftees. All attempts fell short when light dimmed and Miguel James Browned his way on stage.

Opening his set, Grammy award winner Miguel came full throttle performing songs off his latest album Kalediscope Dream. Eyes lit up when Miguel performed 'All I Want is You' and 'Power Trip' back to back assuming that J.Cole would arrive and we got... Nothing. Miguel kept the show going by grabbing his electric guitar and enticing the fans asking "Is That P**sy Mine?” The hormone and estrogen levels were ungodly.  Miguel came equipped with a pretty amazing band and dancing shoes for his whole set. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it, many were spotted kissing to Miguel’s “Beautiful” featuring Mariah Carey or slow dancing to ‘Lotus Flower Bomb’. Although, Miguel had no surprise guest he kept us entertained.  Closing his set he performed his hit single "Adorn", and who doesn’t love "Adorn"?


The audience momentum was at a hundred when Miguel walked off the stage and what definitely kept that energy was the intermission Brooklyn mix. Suitable for a Brooklyn show, Biggie and Jay Z played as people roamed around the stadium desperately trying to find closer seats.  The crowd sang along to Biggie’s “Juicy” and Hov & Kanye West “N*ggas In Paris”, suddenly lights dimmed, screams roared from every section of the Barclays Center.


October’s Very Own Drizzy Drake arrived on top of what looks like a neon circle, inside the circle was Drake’s DJ Future the Prince.  The Stage Design was reminiscent of a *The Jetsons* episode  and applicable for this journey we are about to take with Drake. "Tuscan Leather" was the first Nothing was the Same joint to make an appearance on that Brooklyn night. While Drake energetically rapped songs off his recently released album, the digital screen definitely set the mood for a lot of the  tracks.  Especially when "Wu Tang Forever" played NYC’s bright lights illuminated the stadium from behind Aubrey Graham.

Drake- "Own It"


Just when you thought Drake was only going to do the most mellow songs of 2013, Drake yells “Since I Didn’t get to enjoy my birthday, this is my birthday party”, that was green light for the Drake Turn Up. He performed songs like “No Lie”, “Pop That”, “On One”, and a fan favorite “Versace”. You know Drake wasn’t going to come empty handed, he had his special guest lined up and first to bat was flipmode’s Busta Rhymes. Bussa Bus hopped on the scene with his ball of fire attitude, jumping on stereos and spitting his 90 MPH "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See" bars. 

Drake -"Pop That"


Drake & Busta Rhymes "Put You Hands Where My Eyes Can See"

That wasn’t it, Drake invited his opener Future back on stage to perform “Sh*t” off that “Honest” album, Drake role played as hype man with his very random dance moves in the background.  Future then stops the music and clarifies that drake and future have no beef with one simple statement “F*** Them Rumors” and at the same damn time they performed “At The Same Damn Time” (always wanted to say that).

Future  & Drake


Drake finally got the stage to himself and Pound Cake featuring Hov rang off. Everyone’s eyes opened wide expecting to see a Jay Z appearance; it was as if we were anticipating Santa to slide down the chimney, if you catch my drift.  We automatically think Jay Z has a “you must attend to every Barclays event” agreement set up somewhere, forgetting that Jay z may have other things going, possibly world domination. Toronto’s finest goes in with more ‘Nothing Was The Same’, OVO supporters sang along to “Motion” and “Come Thru”, the angelic  Los Angeles songstress Jhene Aiko walked on stage with her bare feet and sheer skirt and sang circles squares and triangles around Drake. Making “From Time” way more appealing live than on album.

Jhene Aiko & Drake


Drake disappeared and left the very bashful Jhene Aiko to sing a solo. When she gracefully sauntered off stage DJ Future the Prince took over.

 Giving us a little Drake-istory. Future The Prince Played Drake’s first major mixtape back in 2008, So Far Gone, to a never released preview of Drake’s new song “Trophies” produced by Hit-Boy. Unsure when he will be officially releasing the song but it is a banger. If you think this song sound familiar it’s because it was the background music for Drake’s Nothing Was The Same Promo video.

New Song "Trophies"


Still grooving to Drake's new track, clouds appear and we naturally feel like we are in some kind of soft heavenly abyss. Drake gets real Keith Sweat for the “Hold On, We’re Going Home” track, he even brings on a curvy Dominican to seduce onstage.  As dudes shake their heads in envy, Drake busts into “Too Much” & “Worst Behavior”. 

 Crowd participation is something Drake did not have to worry about when it came to sing alongs. He obviously wanted to show his appreciation by hopping on what looks like an object with a spaceship-esk entrance, which was lowered from the Barclays Center ceiling.  With this futuristic object it allowed Drake to interact with ALL sections of Barclays Stadium. He pointed out a good amount of fans, it’s obvious drake genuinely loves connecting with his fans.


After 20 minutes of just interacting with diehard fans, Harlem’s own ASAP Mob came to perform a few of Ferg songs “Put In Work” and “Shabba Ranks”. Asap Rocky did hit rap single “Problem” with his industry brother, which had the crowd going insane. 

As the Drake birthday turn up/”Would You Like a Tour” tour comes to an end, “Started from the Bottom” blasted and set such a monumental vibe for Barclays. While “Started from the Bottom” played a photo montage of Drake rolled. We got to take a peek of Degrassi Drake, baby Drake, awkward aged Drake and more. As the crowd gazed upon the mass amount of footage Drake displayed, fireworks exploded and smiles immersed the faces of many fans.

Drake takes his last look at the crowd, like a little kid that didn’t want to leave a candy shop. Drake created such a bond with these fans at the Barclays center. A kind of bond that a fan can keep for years to come, “Would You Like A Tour?” embodies exactly what a concert is supposed to create, Overwhelming awesome moments.

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