HOT 97 Morning Show’s Emotional Reaction To Zimmerman’s Verdict [AUDIO]

Outrage, hurt, confusion, pain, devastation is what most of us felt when we found out George Zimmerman was being acquitted of all charges in the Trayvon Martin shooting.

We all on the HOT 97 Morning Show were really bothered by the verdict and for some of us, it truly hurt our hearts and deep down in our souls….the emotional reaction from everyone in the room when discussing it on the show this morning was something none of us will forget….we all feel justice did not prevail in this case…

However, there is a silver lining in Zimmerman walking free….a woman called in and told us that her son said he was going to change his ways because he does not want what ended up happening to Trayvon happen to him. The passion, the tears, and the sincerity in her voice really shows you how this case deeply affected people's lives.

But, the verdict changed both of their lives and there’s nothing greater than saving a life and hopefully many in the long run….

RIP Trayvon Martin.