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Friday, Feb. 14TH   Saturday, Feb. 15TH  
12pm-1pm DJ Black Fist Friday w/ DJ Cassidy 8am to 10am Young Chow
1pm to 4pm DJ Camilo 10am to noon DJ C-Lo
4pm to 7pm DJ Enuff 12pm to 3pm Kast One
7pm to 10pm Mister Cee 3pm to 5pm Big Ben
10pm to 12mid Funk Flex 5pm to 7pm Mister Cee
12mid to 2am Bobby Trends 7pm to 11pm Funk Flex
2am to 4am DJ Wallah 11pm-12mid Bobby & Jabba
4am to 6am DJ Spynfo 12mid- 2am Big Ben
2am to 4am DJ Absolut
Sunday, Feb. 16TH   4am to 6am Young Chow
8am to 10am DJ Wallah
10am to 12noon DJ C-Lo
12noon to 2pm DJ Magic Monday, Feb. 17TH  
2pm - 4pm Kay Slay 8am to 10am DJ Wallah
4pm to 7pm Kast One 10am to 12noon DJ Magic
7pm to 10pm Big Ben 12pm to 2pm Big Ben
10pm- 12mid Bobby & Jabba 2pm to 4pm Kast One
12mid-4am DJ Absolut 4pm to 7pm DJ Enuff
4am-6am Young Chow 7pm to 12 mid Funk Flex