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On another installment of Cipha Sounds’ Comedy Corner, South African comedian Trevor Noah came on the show to tell some jokes, talk about racism across the world and teach Cipha a little bit about comedy in South Africa.

Trevor told Cipha the story of how he got started doing comedy in South Africa, which according to Trevor, was only legalized 14 years ago. Trevor said that the first time he performed was when his cousin got into a fight with a comedian at a comedy club in South Africa. During the fight Trevor’s cousin told the comedian, “My cousin is funnier than you,” at which point the comedian challenged Trevor to come on stage. Although at first Trevor was hesitant to perform, after moms were insulted he decided to get on stage and he killed it. Now he has toured across the world, opened for Dave Chappelle and performed on Letterman and Leno’s T.V. shows. Check out the full interview below: