Waka Flocka & Steve Aoki Stops By The HOT 97 Morning Show [VIDEO]

Waka Flocka and the legendary Steve Aoki are on tour together. Sounds strange right? Two different worlds, one being from hip hop and the other EDM but believe it or not, the two genres of music are very alike.

Waka explains how similar hip-hop music and especially their crowds are to the EDM community after witnessing one of Steve Aoki’s shows. Waka says when he saw how turned up the fans were, he was hooked and wanted to be a part of the movement.

Steve talks about being a DJ and admittedly, a “push play” DJ because he doesn’t necessarily doing any scratching. However, he gets a pass because he’s a producer (he produced tracks like Drake’s “Forever” Remix), gets the crowd pumped with his famous cakes and crowd surfing. Plus, his family history is pretty awesome. His father is the creator of the delicious restaurant chain, Benihanas. All that and more in this sit down: