Astro Lands His First Big Movie Role And Visits The HOT 97 Morning Show [VIDEO]

Astro, the 17 year-old Brooklyn rapper-turned-actor stopped by The Hot97 Morning Show to talk about landing his first major movie role.

The Astronomical Kid, or Astro, is going to be in “Earth to Echo”, a major motion picture about teenagers who find an alien. This is Astro’s 2nd role in film, after being featured in the television show "Person of Interest" with Taraji P. Henson. Astro got his break musically after being featured on the X Factor, and now is working to balance music and acting. Catch Astro in his first major movie role in “Earth to Echo”, directed by David Green, which is set to come out July 2nd, and peep the full interview below:

Here's the trailer: