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Forza Horizon 2 is a powerful open world racer. Insane graphical detail, great responsive controls with a decent learning curve that makes the game feel alot more realistic and believable. Xbox One owners should pick up this game and if you love racing games then this I believe...
Earthquake is ready to take on the world, how would Kevin Hart respond to this?
Zane speaks on doing things her way without any regrets, in which these actions led her to major success.
Mike Peterson the marketing director for Thrustmaster has hinted at Virtual Reality in - home racing will be the closet ever to the real thing check it out.
Luke producer on the Fast And The Furious 6 mobile game at Kabam Studios talks about the success of mobile games, the NO-BARRIER ENTRY method of game development with consumer engagement. This part 1 interview is on fire check it out.
Mike Peterson - Marketing director for thrustmaster reveals new racing league for gamers designed for E-SPORTS, pay attention to the details in this interview.
No she didn’t want bigger boobs. No she didn’t want a bigger butt. This is Jasmine Tridevil, a 21 year old massage therapist, who just dropped $20,000 for a surgeon to put a third breast on her chest. Yes, a third breast. Tridevil reportedly went to over 50 doctors trying to get...
What a way to quit. KTVA news reporter, Charlo Greene, quit her job during a live telecast last night, after she confessed to being the owner of an Alaskan cannabis club. She told the audience she was leaving to continue her fight to legalize marijuana in the state . This is...