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Daniel Bryan came through and hung out for a very long time much love and support to the YES MOVEMENT. Real Talk it was all love and it was all epic HipHopGamer got the exclusive uncut raw footage let's go!
Maryum Ali, Hana Ali, And Claire Lewins the director of the I AM ALI documentary sits down with HOT97's HipHopGamer and speak out on their father and his legacy and also reveals something interesting regarding EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT VIDEOGAME
2K Sports reveals the new control scheme for the Playstation 4 and XBOX ONE version of WWE 2K15. HipHopGamer gives his impressions
Call Of Duty has some of the biggest and strongest supporters ever seen in gaming. Activision has always held a strong unity with their fan base and it seems that the fan service is on it's way. Since the PS4 and XBOX ONE systems launched and fans got a taste of Call Of Duty...
HipHopGamer - Videogame journalist & Hip-Hop Artist will showcase talent to the fans of real Hip-Hop music. 100 3rd Avenue between 12th and 13th street Manhattan New York come check it out tonight.
2K Sports the king of all sports games could be on to something huge to expand the brand. The WNBA could finally have a place in the NBA2K Gaming Franchise thanks to the female fan response of the face scan technology and overall demand to see a woman presence in the game.
Insomniac Games known for the great Ratchet & Clank franchise along with Resistance has given that 90's feel back to the real core gamers that love the culture. Sunset Overdrive literally has it all and reaches the highest level of quality in Graphics, Gameplay, Fun Factor,...
The Nintendo WiiU hasn't been on the strongest side of the competitive board against Playstation and Xbox but it doesn't matter especially now. Bayonetta 2 is all the reason you need to own a WiiU OMG see for yourself.
Brian Ekberg, Community Manager at Turn 10 Studios answers some important questions regarding Forza Horizon 2 and the future of Xbox One as a development platform creating games. 1. The Drivatars are legend in this game, from start to finish it feels like a battle combined with...