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Jim Merk of Newegg spoke with HipHopGamer on the new applications coming to HTC VIVE plus the new computer machines that will take the industry in to the future
HipHopGamer speaks with Haden Blackmen On MAFIA III The Story In This Game Is The Big Focus For The Success Of The Franchise
HipHopGamer speaks with Aaron Keller the game director for Overwatch during PAX East 2016 and he shares a wealth of knowledge on the game, the brand, the transmedia approach to the world of Overwatch and the idea of a Borderlands mash-up.
One Piece Burning Blood Is So Sick I Mean Seriously A Beast Of A Game. During The Interview HipHopGamer Talks To Stephen About Quantum Break Find Out More In This Video
Rocket League fans can now download the highly-anticipated basketball-inspired Hoops mode today for FREE! In addition, an officially-licensed "NBA Flag Pack," containing the logos of all 30 NBA teams represented as in-game flags, is available for sale as premium DLC. The new...
HipHopGamer speaks with Chris Carmichael who sheds light on all things in the Virtual Reality space. Details from gaming, social aspects, movies, concerts, motion sickness, new tech standards setting the bar in performance, patents and more. Ubiquity Inc, is making a major push...
In the last twenty years, the names Schea Cotton and Lenny Cooke carried much weight in AAU hoops. Take a listen to Brown & Scoop to get full details on the tremendous stories within the culture of Professional Basketball.
HipHopGamer got a chance to play a ton of Tekken 7 and the game is mind blowing. The great pacing and timing combined with the flow and unique balance of offense and defense is development heaven. You gotta see and play this game for yourself to truly understand the feel and...
HipHopGamer Interviews Katsuhiro Harada executive producer for Tekken 7. He speaks on the development and gameplay timing in Tekken 7, the idea of having remastered versions of the classic Tekken games, and Tekken vs Mortal Kombat could be a reality.