All Things HOT

The Nintendo WiiU hasn't been on the strongest side of the competitive board against Playstation and Xbox but it doesn't matter especially now. Bayonetta 2 is all the reason you need to own a WiiU OMG see for yourself.
1. The Drivatars are legend in this game, from start to finish it feels like a battle combined with open world - it's classic. Do you think we will see this type of AI in other franchises besides Forza? From the start we knew Drivatars would be a special feature in Forza...
The shareplay feature in Playstation 4 allows for gamers who own a game to allow friends that DO NOT own the game or even download of the game to play with them or allow them to play it on their own. This feature has to be seen to be believed and it works truly truly works.
HATRED Game created by Destructive Creations is a game that reveals the harsh realities of the world we live in today. People hate to look at this game but there's people in this world who's character is exactly like this game. It's sad but it's real and the real truth should...
POKEMON is a classic cartoon and videogame that shines on the Nintendo platforms. HipHopGamer uses the Hip-Hop part of his name and persona to craft a song for everyone to enjoy check it out.
Sleeping Dogs interview sheds light on a possible collaboration with SEGA and the Yakuza franchise, check it out.
Marvel Contest Of Champions made big head lines at NY Comic-Con, seriously this is more than just a mobile game it's an evolution on how fighting games should be made for mobile, it's real check out the interview with my dude CUZ.
Sunset Overdrive developed by Insomniac Games Kicks A$$ on Xbox One check out the first part of the live stream gameplay.