All Things HOT

Sleeping Dogs interview sheds light on a possible collaboration with SEGA and the Yakuza franchise, check it out.
Marvel Contest Of Champions made big head lines at NY Comic-Con, seriously this is more than just a mobile game it's an evolution on how fighting games should be made for mobile, it's real check out the interview with my dude CUZ.
Sunset Overdrive developed by Insomniac Games Kicks A$$ on Xbox One check out the first part of the live stream gameplay.
LIFE IS STRANGE - the new game coming from DONTNOD Entertainment looks and feels very serious. The WiiU could truly benefit with a game like this and the use of it's gamepad could be a game changer. The opportunity of this coming to fruition isn't far fetched, see what the...
NBA LIVE 15: Is coming out on October 28th and fans have yet to see a full 5 on 5 gameplay demonstration of the title. This is sad and a huge reflection of the power 2K Sports has when it comes to the basketball competitive genre. This video sheds light on the truth regardless...
Carl Jones Legendary producer for the Boondocks & Black Dynamite brings the cast to NY Comic-Con to talk about what's new with the franchise series and how far it's going in the future.
Mike Tyson speaks the truth on cartoons, and being humbled as he moves into new mediums of entertainment
Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs developer Dan Sochan responds to Ubisoft and the gaming industries criticism of PLATFORM PARITY. Take A Listen
NBA LIVE 15 Part 2 interview is here and inside is a brief server discussion, along side the departure of Scott O' Gallagher and a special call-out to @Ronnie2K of the 2KSPORTS team NBA2K15. Don't Miss It