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The Game Calls Out Kevin Durant Over $20,000 Bet [VIDEO/PHOTO]

According to The Game, Kevin Durant caught a serious case of amnesia when KD lost a bet at Drizzy Drake's party. The bet was if The Game made a NBA range 3-point shot, all net, Kevin Durant would donate his very cool nike KD sneakers to The Game's youth basketball team.

The Game made the shot and Kevin Durant didn't hold up his part of the bet. When KD was asked about the incident by TMZ he replied "Thats False, He's Lying".
The Game went OFF on instagram!

The Game's instagram caption:

“Now why [Kevin Durant] frontin on the kids homie ?!?!?!? We clearly
said….. “If I made the 3 from NBA range you’d supply the entire
@froggallstars program with brand new Kevin Durant shoes”…… 120 kids,
close to $200 a shoe equals about $20,000.

How am I lying ???? Just say you a sore loser & you ain’t wanna help
the kids…. It ain’t that they need it cause I bought all 120 kids
Lebrons out my own pocket

as you can see on their Instagram.. But I thought it would be kool for
them to meet you & be able to ball in your shoes especially since they
look up to you & I made the shot as WE AGREED. @champagnepapi was
right there, so was @jharden13 @trim_skit & @Demar_Derozan But don’t
sweat it champ we’ll still support you & I’ll go buy them myself just
cause they mean that much to me….. 1 love – The Game. #FroggAllstars

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The Game makes the shot: