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Hilarious: This 'Wife Zone Chart' is Pretty Accurate #StayWoke [VIDEO]

This guy might be a genius.

He gives men "everything" they need to know about women by illustrating one simple chart.

"No Go Zone" - Women who are below 5 on the attractive scale

"Fun Zone"- Women who are 5-8 On the "Hot" scale and below the crazy line.

"Danger Zone"- Women who are 8-10 on the Hot scale and above the crazy line (Strippers, red heads, any woman named tiffany and hairdressers)

"Date Zone"- Ladies who are 7 on the crazy scale and 8-10 scale.

"Wife Zone"- Women who range between 5-7 on the crazy scale and are 8-10 on the hot scale.

"Unicorn Zone"- 5-4 on the crazy scale and 8-10 on the attractive scale. (They Don't Exist)

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