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Janet Jackson & Paris Jackson Go At It [Video]


Damn, the drama continues in the Jackson family.

The media are now saying that Janet allegedly slapped her niece Paris when she went back to her house, tried to take her cellphone from her, called her a "spoiled little bitch" and then Paris fired back at her aunt saying, "This is our house not the Jackson family house. Get the f*** out."

The tension is rising as Paris believes that Janet, Randy and Jermaine are keeping her from seeing her grandmother for 9 days already. Katherine normally checks in with her grandchildren daily so you can understand her concern.  A source close to the family say that shortly after the incident it was discovered that  Janet and her brothers have been hashing out a plan for three years now on moving their mother & her grandchildren out of their home.

Randy denied these claims calling it ridiculous and said they went over to Paris' house again to let her and her siblings know that they can see Katherine whenever they want. But all of this might not matter soon because Tito's son Trent Jackson is heading to court to get guardianship over the kids, something that Paris agrees and is happy with.

The whole story is getting crazier by the minute! Some of the altercation between Paris and Janet was even caught on surveillance camera  and you can definitely see the scuffle between the two.

Check it out via TMZ:



I'll keep you updated as this story continues because I'm sure there will be more to come.

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