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Lil B Says He Can Beat Kevin Durant In Ball & Releases 'F*ck KD' Music Video [VIDEO]

We all know Lil B for being super random at times. Lil B's beef with OKC's Kevin Durant dates back three years ago. KD tweeted about Based God's relevancy, asking how is he relevant. Lil B replied with a one on one basketball challenge. Which never happened .. obviously. In an interview with #BasedGod, SBnation asked about his beef with KD and if he believes he could beat the 6'9 basketball player.
Via [Sbnation][1]

I definitely do, just for the simple fact that I know I can hold him
with my defense. I have amazing defense. My defense is better than my
offense. I'm quick. I just have to get past him and I've got the shot.
I'm confident. I'm confident. I go on the court and I can play against

I honestly know I will score on Durant and it'll be a problem.

oh yeah, Lil B released his diss song about Kevin Durant and a music video showbasing his baller skills. Check it out below!

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