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Wendy Williams VS Lil Kim : Round 1!

After ranting on her talk show host about Lil Kim’s evolving image, Wendy Williams found herself in the line of fire of Kim’s fury. In a “Hot Topics” segment on ‘The Wendy Williams Show’, Williams brought up a few pictures of Lil’ Kim as her image has morphed throughout the years. She joked about Kim claiming the media has been altering recent images of her, and went on to share how she really felt about the evolution of Kim;

“Kim, in my mind I knew your goal was to always look like LaToya Jackson. You’ve out-LaToyaed LaToya in your new look. Don’t blame photoshopping, blame your plastic surgeon girl”

In a not-so-amused tweet, Kim reached back into the vault for a response. She brought up previous relations between Williams and Biggie.

“B–ch Y didn’t U show the side by side pic. This pic is photoshopped & U know it. U hating B–ch A bad angle will never make me look like that…Stop hating on me because U ---- Big’s --- & he didn’t want nothing to do with yo a– after that… It’s time for the world to know the real. I’m not playing with yo a– no more. Let’s Get it!!!”

Do we have a winner? Or is this just the beginning.

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