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Chris Brown and Drake Sued for $16 Million


     Well well well, if you thought the Chris Brown and Drake bottle throwing situation was a thing of the past because its been quiet, you were wrong. No there aren't any criminal charges as of yet, but there damn sure is a lawsuit. According to the New York Daily News, yesterday both Chris and Drake were slapped with a $16 million dollar lawsuit over the W.i.P bar brawl. And again I ask was Rihanna really worth it?

     So who brought about this $16 million lawsuit? Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, owners of the Greenhouse trademark to be exact. Yes W.i.P was the bar where the fight occurred, but Greenhouse shares a liquor license, space, and owners with W.i.P. Unfortunately for the owners of the Greenhouse trademark, the bottle throwing brawl cost them a $4 million licensing deal that they just recently got back on a temporary basis

     I am not surprised at all! The only people I feel bad for are the ones that were actually injured during this entire mess. If club owners would keep in mind that celebrities are regular people they would be prepared for the worst. Liquor, tempers, and rivalry don't mix!!! Of course no one thought there would be a bottle throwing fiasco, but club owners should stop putting celebrities on pedestals. Why would they have rivals in the same club at the same damn time? Good publicity came back and bit them right in the as$!

By: BrittanyNicole

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