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Rick Ross Has A Major Announcement To Make Pertaining To Meek Mill!

Meek Mill has his whole team holding him down while he serves his prison sentence. Rick Ross released a statement saying the label has decided to push Meek Mill's 'Dreams Worth More Than Money' album back. Ross stated he just wanted Meek to get the proper marketing and promotion roll out. We can all agree that Meek should be free when he drops his album. We're sure he might go back in the booth and tweak some songs and talk about his experience in jail. Either way we can't for him to come home!


MMG and Meek Mill have decided to release Dreams Worth More Than Money at a future date. In true MMG fashion, Meek has dedicated himself to perfecting his sophomore project and it is only right that it should be rolled out exceptionally well. MMG also wants his fans to know that Meek is doing great and he wants to hear from you. So write him at.

CEC Hoffman Hall
3950B D Steet
Philadelphia, PA 19124
Robert Williams
PP# 892643

In the meantime, keep looking out for new music from the project, keep supporting Meek and KEEP DREAMING! #MMG4LIFE.

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