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Samsung Says The Galaxy Note 7s Were Exploding Because of THIS

Photo Credit: Alex Wong / Getty Images

Samsung had quite the crisis on their hands in 2016 when their Galaxy Note 7s were exploding left to right, and now they're finally offering up an explanation.

According to the tech giant, two separate battery malfunctions caused the phones to overheat, which often resulted in a fire. In the first batch, the battery was too large for its casing, which caused the overheating. They were recalled and Samsung then manufactured the phone with a battery from a different supplier, but because they rushed to get the new phones out...they overlooked the fact that these batteries also had a defect that caused it to overheat!

They've since recalled all Note 7 phones and cancelled the line. They now say they've

developed a new eight-point battery check to make sure future devices don't suffer the same fate, which includes an X-ray of the phone and extreme testing conditions that force the battery to work harder than normal.

Can you trust the company again, though?

Source: Business Insider

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