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WHOA! Things Got TOO Real During The LHHNY Reunion; Cardi B, Yandy & More Involved In Fights [VIDEO]

(Photo Credit: Brian Ach/Getty Images)

There was no shortage of drama during last nights first part of the Love & Hip Hop: New York reunion.

The cast got back together to talk about what went on this season, but instead we got a lot of fighting, and arguing.

Hosted by Nina Parker the first drama of the night came when Cardi B had a conversation with Asia about the perceived fling with her producer Swift. It all got real when Asia came out and was confronted on text messages that were sent out. Cardi and Hennessy and got into a fight of their own.

Things didn't cool down when it was the "Creep Squad" turn. When the discussion of who started the ridiculous group came up Cisco and Rich Dollas confronted each other being split only by security.

As if there isn't other more important things to fight about right?

Snoop and J. Nina get their turn on the couch where the actress breaks the news that there is no chance of the two returning.

"There is too much chaos there.”

That's when the girl broke down in tears as the reality set in that the relationship was indeed over.

Remy Ma and Papoose bring some normalcy to the show as they talked about the real situation of living through the experience of a miscarriage.

The reunion then ends with Yandy and the mess that is Mendecees baby mama's and their beef with his (still yet to be legal) wife.

Samantha, Ericka, and Yandy all argue, and go back forth with their petty comments before Mendecees calls in for his side of the story.

That's when things get super real as the episode ends with a big fight between the two families.

Watch highlights below.

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