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GET DOWN KANYE pic.twitter.com/1HvgoOR6gx — Timothy Burke (@bubbaprog) August 31, 2015 Kanye don't know a single lyric. pic.twitter.com/ixaie7poIv — Deanii (@ScottieBeam) August 31, 2015
Amber & blac in the uber pic.twitter.com/ik1f8A78jb — Slim⚡️ (@_chamarie) August 31, 2015
RT @SlayrusCantStop : Miley’s face when Nicki called her out pic.twitter.com/sHFsuA1pFQ — PETTY WAP (@sirSLAYSalot) August 31, 2015
Remember that time Common and Drake were beefing over Serena Williams, looks like Drake finally won that battle and Common has no problem with it. Common comments on Drake and Serena Williams relationship
We get an inside look on the groupie process, after watching some groupies walk with Jason Derulo out the club and some not make it inside the van. One very dedicated groupie was left out when her friends were chosen to ride with Jason Derulo and she wasnt. Its hard out here for...
Va shooter, Vester Lee Flanagan took to twitter under the name @Bryce_Wright7 to explain why he killed Reporter Alison Parker, cameraman Adam Ward. Then released very graphic video of killing the both Alison and Adam. Update : Vester Lee Flanagan shot himself, is in critical...