Ebro in the Morning

Another groupie made headlines again. This time its because of Lebron James. We don't know if this is real but Rachel is trying to get her 2 seconds of fame, so that's how much I'm going to spend on this post.
Iggy Azalea will move forward with Nick Young but make it clear, she will cut his penis off if he cheats again.
RT @ampaveli : This nigga terrified RT @sadboykev : THIS NIGGA ROCKY DRIVIN @asvpxrocky pic.twitter.com/ppPujuMYus — #Him (@2ndCaptainFly) April 11, 2016
Maxwell comes by to talk about released a single "Lake By The Ocean", making timeless music and Jay Z. Check it out below:
Chris Rock claims Andre 3000 is working on a new album. Do you believe him? Me , Dave , D-nice , jack white and jarobi hard at work on the new Andre 3000 album. pic.twitter.com/nATj856Uga — Chris Rock (@chrisrock) April 8, 2016