Ebro in the Morning

RT @ampaveli : This nigga terrified RT @sadboykev : THIS NIGGA ROCKY DRIVIN @asvpxrocky pic.twitter.com/ppPujuMYus — #Him (@2ndCaptainFly) April 11, 2016
Maxwell comes by to talk about released a single "Lake By The Ocean", making timeless music and Jay Z. Check it out below:
Chris Rock claims Andre 3000 is working on a new album. Do you believe him? Me , Dave , D-nice , jack white and jarobi hard at work on the new Andre 3000 album. pic.twitter.com/nATj856Uga — Chris Rock (@chrisrock) April 8, 2016
50 Cent let the choppa rip on snitch Laker, D'Angelo Russell, on instagram. After an hour, he deleted it.
Janet Jackson had ticketmaster sending out emails to Janet Jackson ticket buyers saying, they will not be giving refunds for POSTPONED shows. They will only give refunds to shows that are cancelled. A message from Janet... https://t.co/KrzYZ4eyvD — Janet Jackson (@JanetJackson)...
Off-season with @OBJ_3 ... Working out with a tennis ball at @Drake 's house. Casual. pic.twitter.com/Iokl6qS8md — NFL UK (@NFLUK) April 5, 2016