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Funk Flex Addresses His Previous Tupac Comments, TI, Bad Energy, BIG, & Suge Knight [VIDEO]

Whoa... Tonight got deeper than expected. Funk Flex, after this week's Monday LiVE, decided to do a one time Thursday edition to address comments he made on Mondays, comments about the late great Tupac Shakur that understandably affected a lot of people.  Flex came on to clear some things up, like how his energy was bad, but it does affect him different because he was there in 'the industry', had relationships with many involved, and had conversations. How he did speak on it 20 years ago and those that don't know may not because they were wy too young to remember(those asking why there is no tape, we didn't tape everything in those days, you're thinking digitally). Flex allowed ppl to check in, Then he started, first by saying Pac was from Harlem(and lived there a long time). Then he talked about when he(Flex) started, which gives him the ability to speak on it. We spoke on how our energy wasn't great when we spoke on Monday, and It also came out that TI was pretty young when Pac died, and only 10yrs old when Digital Underground was blowing up, and that's how PAC blew up.  Flex 'staying on G Code',  spoke to why Pac shouldn't have lied about BIG knowing it was a setup, which led to the 'ability' to blow up the East Coast-West Coast beef, Pac And  BIG died becasue of it. Finally Flex spoke on Suge Knight since his son went off on IG, and it started out peacfully, actually stayed peaceful, Flex just said no one in NYC was scared of Suge.... but watch all of it for yourself;


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