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Cha Ching:The Employee Who Leaked Infamous Solo & Jay Blow Out Made How Much?!

While historically Bey and Jay have been pretty mum
about the inner workings of their marriage and family
life, the power couple endured a huge chink in their
armor after the seemingly happy couple were the
victims of their own fame when a highly private
family matter was publicized.

Well we finally found out what happened to the

staffer who exposed the Carter Vs Knowles family drama. According to Page Six, The Standard Hotel issued a statement about the security breach that occurred on
the hotel's watch. According to reports, The Standard
has neutralized the problem, and removed the staffer on
the basis of violating confidentiality and the hotel's
security practices. Gee well we saw that coming, and
we're pretty sure that the staffer could care less
about getting fired from his meager paying job, being that
he hit the jack pot when witnessing Hip Hop's First
family drama. Want to know the price tag of the explosive video?? The staffer was paid a whopping $250K! Yea, were pretty sure he's not missing that salary
right about now being that he probably made 10x his
yearly salary in one night!

You think the guy is sweating being fired or nah?

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