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Rapper Joe Budden Turns Himself In On Robbery Charges [PHOTOS]


 Joe Budden has been in a little bit of hot water with the law these past few days. Budden who allegedly battered former girlfriend Audley Robles, after a dispute about her being photographed with different men on her social media. According to reports Joe was not having it, and promptly collected Audley's phone, which is why he was wanted for robbery and had to turn himself in

   Luckily for Budden, he wasn't too bent out shape about having to turn himself in before his impending birthday celebration. The rapper took to Twitter and joked about the situation with followers,  about the irony of turning himself in on robbery charges, when in fact he bought and purchased his former girlfriend's phone, and opened up the line for her according to him. This definitely puts a whole new perspective on the robbery thing. Well either way, Joe is claiming fraud on her whole story.

  See what the rapper had to say about turning himself in and the situation HERE