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Take That, Take That: Artist Iggy Azalea Makes Billboard Music History Yet Again

Haters aren't going to like this one. Despite all the controversy regarding the BET Awards and some slight tension between her and predecessor Nicki Minaj, truth
be told Iggy is making history in her own right. Of course there is much debate about the Aussie's "talents", but no
one can quite deny the epic feat of making Billboard
music history not once but TWICE. In the same year no less….

Rapper Iggy Azalea scored a major accomplishment initially by becoming the longest running female artists surpassing Ashanti's record of holding the number one and two spots on the 'Hot 100', with singles such as 'Fancy' and her verse on Ariana Grande's hit single 'Problem'. Iggy actually follows behind iconic band, The Beatles, as runner up for the longest running act to score the #1 and #2 spots with their first two 'Hot 100' submitted. Well she did it again! Billboard made an announcement early this week that Iggy' s single 'Fancy' ft Charli XCX made history by surpassing Lil Kim's 2001 'Lady Marmalade' single for the coveted title of 'longest-leading number 1 by a female rapper' at six weeks on the chart to Kim's five weeks.

Kudos to Iggy on doing big things. This shows there's room for everyone….. when people stay in their own lanes that is. She may not have won an award, but Iggy is definitely making some power moves. What do you think of Iggy's newest accomlishment? Share your thoughts.


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