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Breakup To Makeup?! Karrueche RESPONDS To Chris Brown! [PHOTO]

Well it looks like the drama between Chris Brown and Karrueche doesn't seem to be dying down one bit. Even if she's not even trying.

After an innocent picture turned into a bit of a triangle between herself, her ex-C.Breezy and the random Marques Houston, Karrueche innocently enough had to give a statement about matters to the world.

Here is what she said below to TMZ.

“I’m bored and tried of this situation. I don’t get it because I’m single. I thought we have all matured and moved on. Especially since Chris has been seen with multiple women since the breakup. I don’t want anything to do with any type of violence or negativity.”

She goes on to state that Marques Houston and herself are just good friends.

I guess there goes that.

Let's just enjoy the beauty below.

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