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Did You Miss Scandal Last Night? Don't Worry We Got You Covered! (3/27)!

If you missed Scandal don’t worry, we got you covered! Here are some of the highlights from last night’s episode.

  1. The entire Grant family reunites, and it's a big mess.
    Jerry and Karen Grant the son and daughter of Fitz and Mellie played a major role in last night’s episode. The family is suppose to do a big interview together as a group, but the children want nothing to do with anything regarding the re-election. In fact Jerry starts an anti- Grant Twitter Account which Olivia gets wind of and shuts down. Oh wait but it gets better, Karen catches her mom getting in with her “uncle Andrew” who’s currently in the running for vice president. Karen snitches on her mom to her dad which sends him over the edge causing him to walk into a meeting and two piece Andrew.

  2. Mama and Papa Pope's continued torment against Olivia.

Olivia’s goal is to take down B-613. The way she plans to do this is to find out where there money is.
Adnan seduces Harrison and injects him in the back after they get it in. She goes back to Olivia’s mom Maya with a flash drive she stole off Olivia’s computer with all the deets on the Grant campaign and guess who’s watching JAKE! He’s just going to sit back and see how it all pans out.

  1. Cyrus vs. Jake vs. Fitz.

Jake of B-613 goes to see Fitz who wants the terrorist Jake and and B-613 captured. Cyrus hears the that Jake is in the Oval Office , so he storms in and attempts to throw a vase at him. Things get crazy and Fitz has to step in and hold him back as he yells “killed my husband”.

  1. Quinn and Charlie are shacking up ... someone better tell Huck!
    Quinn and Charlie are at it again! These two kidnapped a terrorist named Demetri for B-613 and tortured him for answers.
    Charlie surprises Quinn and moves into Quinn’s spot to protect her from Huck. He even offers to kill him if she wants too.

  2. Olivia is at work, leave her be!

While Mellie and Fitz are going at each other over Mellie’s affair with Andrew, Olivia ends up in the middle while trying to rally the family up for their big television interview. Fitz yells at Olivia “I’m talking to my wife” at Olivia! Cyrus catches her as she’s storming out the white house and convinces her to just get the job done. Olivia goes back into the house and goes straight in to work mode still managing to get everyone together!

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