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Diddy Has Another New Job! Diddy And Rick Ross Are About To Cash Out! [PHOTO]

Diddy has taken on another responsibility, and will be the executive producer of Rick Ross’s album ‘Master Mind’. This is what Ross had to say about Diddy in a performance. “Diddy is one of the greatest producers of all time and someone I respect.“He has a proven track record of not only creating hit records but also classic albums. It just made sense for me to have him be a part of this process.” These two have been partners for ever, and have even acted as mentors to rapper French Montana. Diddy has been a part of a lot of successful albums. In fact he’s contributed to over 85 albums. That just goes to show, this guy can do this job with his eyes closed, and he has easily become one of the most influential people in music.

Diddy also had some very nice things to say about Ross.
“It’s a team effort. Ross, DJ Khaled, Gucci Pucci and I are like a family.The goal for ‘Mastermind’ was to create a classic album. Once we put all our superpowers together we knew there was nothing stopping us from accomplishing our goal.”

We guess this explains why Diddy, Justin Bieber, Wale, Stalley, Jermaine Dupri and more were photographed in the studio after hitting Diddy’s party in Atlanta the other night. That Justin Bieber feature might be something!

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