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U.S Sent B-2 Stealth Bombers Over South Korea

No need to be alarmed just yet.

The U.S flew stealth bombers over South Korea to take part in an annual military exercise and North Korea wasn’t too happy about it. But, I would imagine that the exercise was to also prove a point to North Korea -- that if the U.S wanted to, they can orchestrate a strike swiftly and efficiently.

Here are the full details (via CNN:)

The B-2 Spirit bombers flew more than 6,500 miles from Whiteman Air
Force Base in Missouri to South Korea, dropping inert munitions there
as part of the exercises, before returning to the U.S. mainland, the
U.S Forces in Korea said in a statement.

The mission by the planes, which can carry both conventional and
nuclear weapons, "demonstrates the United States' ability to conduct
long range, precision strikes quickly and at will," the statement
said. The U.S. military's announcement earlier this month that it was
flying B-52 bombers over South Korea to participate in the routine
exercises prompted an angry reaction from the regime of Kim Jong Un,
which has unleashed a torrent of threats in the past few weeks. There
was no immediate reaction to the U.S. statement Thursday from the
North's state-run Korean Central News Agency.

"The United States is steadfast in its alliance commitment to the
defense of the Republic of Korea, to deterring aggression, and to
ensuring peace and stability in the region," the statement said, using
South Korea's official name. "The B-2 bomber is an important element
of America's enduring and robust extended deterrence capability in the
Asia-Pacific region."

The disclosure of the B-2 flights comes a day after North Korea said
it was cutting a key military hotline with South Korea, provoking
fresh expressions of concern from U.S. officials about Pyongyang's
recent rhetoric. There are several hotlines between North and South
Korea. U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke by phone to his South
Korean counterpart, Kim Kwan-jin, on Wednesday evening, Pentagon Press
Secretary George Little said, noting the "heightened tension on the
Korean Peninsula." On Tuesday, the North said it planned to place
military units tasked with targeting U.S. bases under combat-ready

Most observers say North Korea is still years away from having the
technology to deliver a nuclear warhead on a missile, but it does have
plenty of conventional military firepower, including medium-range
ballistic missiles that can carry high explosives for hundreds of

Tensions escalated on the Korean Peninsula after the North carried out
a long-range rocket launch in December and an underground nuclear test
last month, prompting the U.N. Security Council to step up sanctions
on the secretive regime.

Pyongyang has expressed fury over the sanctions and the annual
U.S.-South Korean military exercises, which are due to continue until
the end of April.

The North has claimed that the exercises are tantamount to threats of
nuclear war against it.

This is only going to get worse before it gets better. Tensions are running high...I mean... if the situation isn't resolved....there's a chance of war? WWIII? Scary....

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