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Harlem World! Dapper Dan Officially Partners with Gucci [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder – Getty Images

After the social media outrage behind luxury brand Gucci stealing Harlem legend Dapper Dan’s design, without crediting him the two have since made a DEAL!

If you didn’t know, Dapper Dan is known for creating original designs out of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, MCM and more.

The fashion guru was the go to guy in Harlem for never- before-seen outerwear and celebrities such as Mike Tyson, Bobby Brown, LL Cool J and more supported him.

Dapper Dan is now trending AGAIN but this time it’s because Gucci announced that he is now the face of their new men’s Gucci Tailoring campaign!

Take a look at the photo below:


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