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Chevy Woods Moves "30 Deep" On Real Late With Rosenberg [VIDEO]

Taylor Gang representative Chevy Woods came by Real Late With Rosenberg to talk about his new single, “30 Deep”, and being more than just Wiz Khalifa’s homie.

Chevy met Wiz when Wiz was just 16 in ID Labs studio in Pittsburgh and Chevy was 23. According to Chevy he had one foot in the music and one foot in the streets when the pair met and once Wiz got things really moving, Chevy fully committed to the music. When Rosenberg asked Chevy what it means to be a Taylor now Chevy said, “We talked about it in basement studios and right now everything is coming full circle.” Chevy also talked about his new single, “30 Deep” which refers to the way that Taylor Gang moves, which is 30 people deep. The pair touched on the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene and making it from there. Check out Chevy’s new single “30 Deep” and get the full interview below:

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