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HOT 97'S Labor Day All Mix Weekend Schedule

Friday, August 29th     Saturday, August 30th  
12pm-1pm Bobby & Jabba   8am to 10am DJ Wallah
1pm to 4pm DJ Camilo   10am to noon DJ Young Chow
4pm to 7pm DJ Enuff   12pm to 2pm Kast One
7pm to 10pm Mister Cee   2pm to 4pm DJ Camilo
10pm to 12mid Funk Flex   4pm to 7pm Mister Cee
12mid to 2am Bobby Trends   7pm to 11pm Funk Flex
2am to 4am DJ Spynfo   11pm-12mid Bobby & Jabba
4am to 6am DJ C-Lo   12mid-4am Kay Slay
      4am to 6am DJ Spynfo
Sunday, August 31st         
8am to 10am DJ Wallah      
10am to 12noon DJ C-Lo   Monday, September 1st  
12noon to 2pm DJ Magic   8am to 10am DJ C-Lo
2pm - 4pm Kay Slay   10am to 12noon DJ Wallah
4pm to 7pm Kast One   12pm to 2pm Bobby Trends
7pm to 10pm Bobby Trends   2pm to 4pm DJ Camilo
10pm- 12mid Bobby & Jabba   4pm to 7pm DJ Enuff
12mid-4am DJ Magic   7pm to 12 mid Funk Flex
4am-6am Young Chow      

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