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Murda Mook Goes Face To Face w/ Ebro + Slaughter Recap [VIDEO]

Murda Mook stopped by Ebro In The Morning, with DJ Kast One, to talk about Total Slaughter, which took place on July 12th.

Murda ended up winning against Loaded Lux at Total Slaughter and said, “the lights, the stage, the venue, it was crazy, I was very, very happy.” It was the biggest rap battle they’ve ever had. The Total Slaughter winner shared his thoughts on how the battle rap life is so different then a regular rap artist’s life. “Artists can make a million off of one record, battle rap you have to make up new stuff every time you battle. It takes a lot for me to prepare a battle; it takes over my whole life.”

He also talked about how he is sick of Loaded Lux because he had to think about him for five months to prepare for the battle. “You have to rap for five minutes each, the duration of a song, and there is no hook.” Murda even busted out a quick freestyle for Ebro over the "Victory" beat. Congrats on the win Murda!

Check out the full interview with Murda Mook, Ebro, and DJ Kast One here:

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