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Mysonne Keeps It Real On Ebro In The Morning [VIDEO]

New York hip-hop general Mysonne stopped by Ebro In The Morning to tell his story and talk about the prison-industrial complex.

Mysonne told Ebro that he used to be a talented basketball player who was starting a promising career as a rapper. After freestyling on different corners in New York, Mysonne created enough buzz that he was able to sign to Def Jam through industry executive Chris Lighty in 1999. However, according to Mysonne, he had been charged with a robbery that he didn’t commit in 1997, and the case was postponed through signing with Def Jam. Once Mysonne signed to Def Jam, the District Attorney tried to pin other robbery cases on him because they found out he was a rapper, according to Mysonne. He ended up missing a court date and was sentenced to 7 years in prison.

Now Mysonne has a new tape, titled “Mysonne: Based On A True Story”, and hopes to set an example for urban kids to escape the prison-industrial complex. Check out the full interview below:

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