Ebro in the Morning got a report that Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend Safaree is now dating K. Michelle. Rosenberg is predicting a big "ass" battle between the two if it's true, in a battle which could challenge Floyd Mayweather and Pacquiao.
Kanye West just performed his new track "All Day," at the BRIT Awards overseas which is supposed to live on his upcoming album. Blow torches, lots of energy, and tons of people on stage resulted in a great debut for his new track. Watch the full performance below. All Day BAL by...
Ebro In The Morning hilariously gave a re-enactment of last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop. least what they thought happened on the show. They re-enact all your favorite characters though! Check it out below.
The girls of Ebro in the Morning... and Rosenberg listed their opinions some of the hottest white men for "Whiteboy Wednesday!" Do you agree with their top 5 Whiteboys? Hit us on Twitter to debate the list below.
Hip Hop group Two-9 came from Atlanta, Georgie to sit down with Peter Rosenberg, on Real Late with Rosenberg. Check out the full inteview below.
Description: DJ Carnage calls Makonnen a Legend + explains why cops shut his show down CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE: HOT97: TWITTER: FACEBOOK:
On the eve of the release of his album, Dark Sky Paradise , Big Sean stepped up to talk to Nessa about the album, and the latest in his personal life. After playing the album for Jay Z, Beyoncé and Blue Ivy, the Detroit rapper tightened up the album to what you will hear later...
Description: This was before Kylie Jenner turned 18 but Tyga and Chris Brown didn't deny that Tyga was seeing her. Trickle a diss to Drake on top of that makes this one of our most viewed interviews of the year.

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