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Angie tells French Montana she was nervous about the shooting and the coincidence of Rick Ross' recent shooting. But French says there's nothing to worry about because it "wasn't that serious". French says his involvement was basically nonexistant stating that the bullets didn't...
To kick off the 2013 series of Black Fist Fridays, we enlisted the help of one of the most notable DJs in the game, DJ Chuck Chillout! Check out some footage of him on the turntables and also check out his interview with Mister Cee below.
Tis true! Tis true! Black people sometimes throw hella racism at eachother. Watch as Fiazon recounts the time a black girl told him he was too dark to be her baby's daddy. He then goes off on discrimination against fat people. Check it out below.
So, here we see why Faizon Love was perfect for his infamous role as Big Worm on the classic movie "Friday". He turned up the heat on our guy Flex by calling him out for his alleged "d*ck-riding". Cipha and Rosenberg were caught off guard with the direction of the conversation...
Miss Info sits with Kendrick Lamar before he goes on stage at the Roseland ballroom in NYC to discuss music, why he's Inspired by Joey Baddass and more!
What would a sports show be without Tyler the Creator?! He joins Peter to break down his most athletic moments and we take a look at the Chinese Slam Dunk Contest... look out NBA!
YG came through to discuss his musical career on the Cipha Sounds and Rosenberg Show. Watch the interview below.
Odd Future came through the Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg show to promote their upcoming projects. While here, the converstion took a racially charged turn. Discussions surrounding the n-word, mixed chicks and Maury of all things ensued. Watch below.