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Breezy has seen his fair share of scrutiny from the public so its no shock that he is more understanding of Justin Bieber's run-ins with the law and wild behavior. Watch as Breezy speaks on Justin in the video below. Video by Maritza
Video by Maritza Chris Brown may be a world famous pop star but that doesn't excuse him from the mandatory freestyle on the Funkmaster Flex Show. Check out the video of Breezy doing his thing below and let us know what you think!
Cathia from "The Voice" comes through to visit Cipha Sounds, Rosenberg and Old Man Ebro. Check out the interview below!
Eric and Jeff Rosenthal "It's Real" break down their new mix tape, what makes them different from Lonely Island, and why they get invited to events Ciph and Rosenberg don't
Sigh. Hopefully Mashonda has fully come to terms with her and Swizz's separation before she checks this video. In Winter Ramos' new book, she details the time she flew into Arizona to see Swizz right on the heels of Mashonda's departure. Apparently, he was gonna smash Winter...
You gotta love a girl with a sense of humor. She laments over her poor men choices in her new tell-all book "Game Over" and Rosenberg decides to read an excerpt where she focuses on dating Jay-Z and Dame Dash at the same time. Watch below.
Oh boy! Winter Ramos is letting it all hang out in her new tell-all book "Game Over". The book is on shelves right now and of course she came to visit to promote the book. Here, Winter reveals a few things about the book. She gave us the inside scoop on her relationship with...
Hip hop sketch comedy is going to the next level. If you're not familiar with Its The Real, they are known for their exclusive brand of hilarious sketch comedy where they make fun rap drama. After five years of fine tuning their craft, they are prepared to drop their first tape...
Peter takes a look at the beauty that is Philadelphia sports, golfers hitting balls out of trees, and an MMA fighter with a vulgar name when pronounced incorrectly.