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Cardi B Makes Up With Offset w/ Some Lovin' On IG [VIDEO]

(Photo Credit: Prince Williams/Getty Images )

Cardi B has had a rough holiday weekend after some leaked videos were released onto the internet. 

One of those videos showed her fiance Offset at the end of having some relations with another woman. Those relations are what caused Cardi B to temporarily break up with the rapper back in October. 

Now she is going to get legal action against those hackers for stealing the video. 

According to TMZ

Cardi didn't seem bothered by the fact her nudes were out in the public -- she's an ex-stripper, after all. But she's definitely not cool with the stealing part. Her lawyer says once they find who jacked the footage, they'll pursue all legal remedies under the law. 

Meanwhile, the two seem to be on good terms.


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