News > News > Hip Hop Legend Flava Flav Attacked in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

Hip Hop Legend Flava Flav Attacked in Las Vegas [VIDEO]

[Photo Cred: Sean M. Haffey / Staff ] This week has been a little nuts, if you look at social media, Monique battles Netflix with bad points of view, Drake dropped music that made some people dance a little, 50 Cent Realized he was an early adopter to Cryptocurrency, and the Grammy's are in NYC this week! You may not have seen that Hip Hop Hypeman/Artist/OG Reality LEGEND Flav Flav, whom is 58yrs old now, was brutally attacked in LAs Vegas by some random dude; Luckily someone was there to break it up, and Flav is from NYC, we're known to take a licking(Pause) and keep ticking!! If any NY'r would have been in Vegas and seen this, they would have stomped a mud hole in this fool.... and prob gone to jail with him.

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