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New Wave Alert! Rappers Are Getting Off Hard Drugs? [VIDEO]

[PHOTO Cred: Niall Carson - PA Images / Contributor ] This is a Wave I fully support as an old a** father type dude that works in hip hop, let's let the hard drugs be what they are, hard drugs, and either for patients or fiends, instead of a way kids get recreational(cause they're not Trees)! I know that sounds preachy, but I worry about our future now that I lived passed my life expectancy, and one day the same youth will be there... but I digress, let's focus on the good news, Rapper Smoke Purpp announced he was getting off Xanax, which is following Lil Pump, and even Travis Scott endorsed the decision... We as a people have enough going against us that we don't need to be doing the job for 'Them'.

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