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Nicki Minaj Fan Creates a New Site Searching for Nicki! [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Sean Zanni – Getty images

It’s been a while since Nicki Minaj posted on social media and her fans are not happy about it.

Nicki’s fans are so upset, and concerned about her absence that one of them created a website called

The mastermind behind the site, Nicholas Burruss seems genuinely concerned, and made a statement saying:

"She posts all the time.’ I agreed because it was weird how she disappeared … Disappearances are very unlikely for her.  I think she is working on her new album without distractions and taking a much needed break for herself … An absence like this is very unusual for her. I just hope she is doing well!”

The layout of the site is similar to the movie Finding Nemo, and documents how long Nicki has been dormant on social media…so far its been 37 days and counting.

Take a look below:

Nicki Minaj

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